Motorola Moto X VS. Samsung Galaxy Mega – Tech Review

The AZTB gadget review team got the chance to test the waters on the Moto X and the Samsung Galaxy Mega. Our team included a software developer, an engineer, a tech savvy consumer and a public relations specialist with the mission to put the devices to heavy use for three days and share their opinions about the “good” vs. “not so good” and to vote on their ultimate favorite. Here is the rundown…
Moto X
The Good:

  • Screen is clear and precise
  • Phone is incredibly “smart” and uses a lot of predictive measures
  • Allows you to say a command to wake up phone and set reminders
  • Knows when you are driving and will read off text messages to you
  • Contains a sound recognition lock screen that recognizes your own voice
  • Great sound volume on headset and Bluetooth
  • Great battery life
  • Variety of colors to choose from
  • One reviewer said it “truly lives up to the smartphone name”

The Not So Good:

  • Camera quality is so-so
  • The space to swipe on the phone is too small

The Galaxy Mega
The Good:

  • Phone is large and offers good screen resolution
  • Sound quality is good
  • Battery life is great. One reviewer said, “It lasted about three days with one full charge.”

The Not so Good:

  • Phone is too big, inconvenient and awkward to carry. One reviewer said, “You could land airplanes with these buttons.” We actually began referring to it as “the waffle.”
  • Does not contain predictive software
  • Did not complete backup/restore function
  • Difficult to navigate around phone

Who was the winner?
The Moto X won by a landslide and was a universal team favorite. The team agreed that the Moto X had numerous “smart” features and an impressive, sleek design. A testament to how much we liked the Moto X, one of our review team members intends to purchase it ASAP.
What do you think of these smartphones? Share your experience with us below.
Cellphones were provided by AT&T for an independent review. Pricing from AT&T:
The Moto X is available at AT&T for $579.99 or for a reduced price of $199.99 (2-year contract with qualified voice and data plans required).
The Samsung Galaxy Mega is available at AT&T for $479.99 or for a reduced price of $149.99 (2-year contract with qualified voice and data plans required).
Check with your cellphone carrier for pricing and contracts for a preferred phone. AZTB is not endorsing a particular brand or carrier. This was an independent review for our readers.  

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  1. Totally agree – I use Moto X now as my personal phone and its truly ‘smart’. Another minor feature but hugely convenient is the clock – I don’t wear a watch anymore (atleast until I find a good Smartwatch) – Moto X will show the time on the locked screen when you just lift it up – don’t need to touch/click anything. Also with the phone locked you can wiggle it twice and it starts the camera and touch anywhere it takes the picture – very useful to capture those quick moments.

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