Gadgets for the Guru – pet edition

Pintofeed- SS Image-1
The AZ Tech Beat Team has been on the search for the best gadgets for our furry friends and we found some great toys and pet care products.
Pintofeed is an intelligent pet feeder that allows pet owners to remotely feed their pets on-the-go. With just the press of a button on your Pintofeed app, the feeder will release the preset amount of pet food into the connect bowl. The feeder features the capacity to hold up to 10 pounds of food and a food repository to retain freshness. The corresponding add not only allows you to feed your pet, but owners can choose to receive feeding alerts, set up an automated feeding schedule and monitor your pet’s food intake. The app is available for iOS and Android smartphones. Owners can reserve their Pintofeed today. $179
HearDoggy 2
The Hear Doggy! toy is any pet-owner’s solution to stopping the irritable noise coming from your pet’s favorite squeaky toy. Equipped with an ultrasonic squeaker with a 24-28 KHz frequency, the Hear Doggy! toys make sounds outside of human hearing range. The toys come in two designs: stuffed or flat, without any stuffing for your pet to rip out. They are available in a variety of characters, such as deer, skunk, rabbit, whale, blowfish, starfish and martians. The Hear Doggy! toys feature a tough, durable mesh liner and reinforced, double-stitched seams to hold up against your pet’s strong teeth and claws. $11.99 – $12.99
The WaterDog by Grommet is an automatic outdoor pet drinking fountain. By simply attaching the WaterDog to an outdoor hose spigot, man’s best friend has unlimited access to water when he or she is playing outside. The drinking fountain uses a sensor to detect when your dog approaches and it will immediately turn on. When the dog walks away, the fountain turns itself off. The WaterDog requires a battery change once a year. $59
6955835BOLT is an interactive laser toy that entertains your pet for hours on end. The laser can be put into automatic mode where it will create random patterns for your pet to engage with or into manual mode, which allows you to create the patterns. BOLT will run for 15 minutes before turning off and features an adjustable mirror to aim the laser across different surfaces. BOLT requires 4 AA batteries and can either be held or placed on a table or floor. $17.99