SEED SPOT 2013 launches 15 new startup ventures

Last night, 15 startup ventures came together to pitch their business ideas to a full house at The Duce in Phoenix for SEED SPOT 2013.
Seed Spot is a nonprofit incubator focused on supporting Arizona’s most innovative social entrepreneurs; those creating high impact ventures that improve the lives of people and communities on a local, national, or global scale. The program supports entrepreneurs through a rigorous four month program focused on launching, commercializing, and capitalizing ideas. They do this in partnership with a strong network of community mentors, industry experts, and local entrepreneurs. At the end of the four month program, entrepreneurs are prepared to pitch their ideas for talent, money and growth opportunities.
Chris Petroff, co-founder of SEED SPOT, shares, “All of these individuals are so passionate and have these absolutely diverse ideas that can create an impact on a statewide and national level. It’s great for them to be at this event because the media can really see what they’re doing and support them. You never know who may see your idea and who could bring it to the next level. It is important for them to gain support from their peers and to find mentors to guide them. By the time they get to Demo Day, they can say, ‘Hey, look how far we’ve come, and look where we’re going.”photo
Here is a basic rundown of the 15 ventures:
TourKidd uses social networking, web/mobile application technology, and user-generated data to increase transparency, accountability, and agency in the independent music community.
Your TruVote is a single, nonpartisan, and all-encompassing site that voters can use to educate themselves on the issues that affect them in order to make the best decisions as to whom and what they vote for.
Sly Fox is a fully integrated performance snack company that provides clean, nutrient-dense snacks to help individuals achieve their athletic goals.
My Counterpane is an online hub and video community where patients and caregivers of chronic illness document their own journeys via their emotional ups and downs through a mood based journaling tool.
Osaka Sun Blendery smoothies and juices offer healthy alternatives to fast food and big coffee and/or smoothie chains by using the highest quality ingredients so that our consumer’s health is improved.
Celebrate Autism is developing an online marketplace and fundraising tools to support the autistic community.
CrashPad is launching an app that guides travelers renting local vacation homes to spend on local merchants, providing sustainable economic growth for our city.
Xplore BoX is a monthly subscription box service providing a STEM kit, toys, and goodies to engage and keep kids excited about the infinite opportunities available within the STEM fields.
All College is an information engine providing students with local deals and promotions, local job opportunities, and the ability buy/sell/trade various college necessities.
LOTUS WEI provides bio-energetic flower remedies that work through the acupuncture meridians of the body to shift state of mind within minutes and greatly enhance quality of life within days.
RosterRecharge is a team-management software platform that provides a training-method to improve athletes’ will power, discipline, accountability and productivity.
Q Approved is the first comprehensive food allergy certification program for food handlers, intended to provide restaurants with training and resources to help them properly serve a population of people with food restrictions.
SOUNDS is a music program meant to teach, mentor, and provide musical experiences and opportunities to students to enable them to pursue their aspirations in the field of music.
The Manifesto Project is a nonprofit designed to capture the authentic voice, dreams and vision of a generation of young leaders. Through a series of statewide events, the Manifesto Project will create a cohesive network of talented young leaders throughout the state and place them on boards, councils, and in positions of leadership to direct the future of Arizona.
AguaSAC developed the first flexible package that can be recycled and also provides quality employment opportunities for adults with a variety of developmental and physical challenges.
For more information about Seedspot and their initiatives, visit
SEED SPOT Demo Day is coming up on December 12. Read about the previous Demo Day here.