Beamz Ink Endorsement Deal With Flo Rida

Beamz, Interactive, Inc., (OTCQB: BZIC) a technology company specializing in interactive music products, and D3M Licensing Group, the global licensing agent for Flo Rida, announced a milestone endorsement and licensing deal with international multi-platinum artist and producer Flo Rida. Beamz was recently featured in Flo Rida’s new music video “Tell Me When You Ready.” The product, “Beamz by Flo” is featured in various scenes throughout the video, including a close up of the product at the start of the video under the text “Beamz Presents.”
Charlie Mollo, President and CEO of Beamz Interactive, said, “To be featured in major international music video by Flo Rida is a significant win for Beamz and our shareholders. We are thrilled with how the video turned out and it’s great seeing Flo Rida proactively supporting our new product line with his star power. As he leverages his online following of 14 million fans on Facebook and 3 million followers on Twitter, we believe Flo Rida will help encourage a new generation of music enthusiasts to create their own interactive tracks. We look forward to informing the world about our game changing interactive music products as we get closer to the next stage of our product launch.”
Beamz and Flo Rida will be filming a series of commercials and teasers for the product in the near future.
Beamz has been busy with the appointment of a new CFO and President, their Europe expansion of “Beamz by Flo” and involvement with the Assistive Technology Summer Institute Conference. Read about each announcement below.
New Beamz CFO and President Joan Brubacher
Beamz recently announced Joan Brubacher as their new President and Chief Financial Officer. Brubacher has a long history in high-tech manufacturing, marketing and sales management. She will be overseeing operations and supply chain management for Beamz, as well as all product development.
“I’m excited about the opportunity to impact Beamz Interactive’s business processes in the highly strategic role of President and CFO,” said Joan Brubacher. “There is a tremendous opportunity for growth in the Beamz Interactive line of products, both domestically and abroad, and I’m honored to become a part of this emerging growth public company at such an exciting stage of its development.”
Before coming to Beamz, Brubacher was the Principal and CFO at Resolute Commercial Services, Executive Vice President and CFO at iGo, Inc., and was involved with several other startups.
CEO of Beamz Interactive, Charlie Mollo, commented, “We are pleased to announce the appointment of someone with such broad-based operational and financial skills as Joan to our management team at this pivotal time. Joan and I worked together for many years at iGo, Inc., my last public company deal, and she is one of the most accomplished Chief Financial Officers I’ve ever met. In addition, her extensive experience with Wall Street and M&A transactions will be invaluable to our company as we implement the strategic growth initiatives we recently outlined over the next several years.”
Beamz Europe Expansion
Beamz recently announced their partnership with UK-based distributor 4GEN Limited to allow them production and operation opportunities in Europe. 4GEN will provide full-time staff to Beamz in order to pursue the European market, including Russia and the Middle East. Rod Lewis, 4GEN’s principle, will act as the Managing Director for Beamz Europe. Lewis said, “Beamz is an ideal product for the European market. The experienced team at 4GEN is excited to be bringing the Beamz music player to an entirely new audience, and will be developing key strategic relationships across all sectors, especially in the region’s strong consumer and DJ markets.”
Beamz will focus on three keys markets in Europe: the consumer music market with “Beamz by Flo,” the DJ market with its new digital production products, and the education sector using Beamz products to enrich and aid those with special needs and seniors. The company is expected to grow sizably over the next several months.
Charlie Mollo said, “We are thrilled to announce this agreement with 4GEN and Rod Lewis. The combination of 4GEN’s local presence, Lewis’s extensive experience, and our game-changing interactive music technology positions Beamz Interactive for significant revenue generation in the European market.”
Beamz Involvement in Assistive Technology Summer Institute Conference
Beamz will be participating in the 15th annual Assistive Technology Summer Institute Conference, which is sponsored by Arizona Technology Access Program with the goal to “promote awareness and acquisition of assistive technology for persons with disabilities.” Beamz is now a part of AzTAP’s short-term product loan program. Their products will be loaned to:

  • Consideration/assessment as part of the IEP development process or IEP recommendations
  • Classroom implementation on a limited-time basis
  • Serving as temporary loaner during device repair or while waiting for funding
  • Providing an accommodation for a student on a short-term basis
  • Professional development (teacher training, skill development, etc.)

Vice President of Product Management, Al Ingallinera, said, “Beamz is the type of product that people fall in love with the second they see it in action. Beamz user scenarios and the settings in which it can be used are limitless. Our partnership with AzTAP has shown that using music as a catalyst for teaching early learning concepts, as well as neuro, occupational and physical therapies, is highly successful. Schools participating in the AzTAP library have quickly realized Beamz’ value to serve children of all ages with special needs, and because Beamz is universally designed, anyone can actively participate.”
For more information on Beamz Interactive, Inc., click here.
To watch Flo Rida’s teaser video featuring Beamz here.
Check back next week for a profile on Beamz.
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  1. Had the pleasure of hearing Jerry Riopelle play it – very cool! Even waved my hand through a few times myself. Local company Atom Design was instrumental in the design of it. Wishing Beamz the best!

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