JWEB Digital Releases SpyderFix 11.1 for Small Businesses

Research and Development
JWEB Digital announced its national launch of SpyderFix 11.1, a patent-pending advanced digital marketing customer acquisition tool for small-to-medium size businesses (SMBs). It is being described as “the next generation in digital competitive intelligence featuring sophisticated reach, power, and speed in mining, aggregating, and analyzing the digital footprint of companies across the web, paid, and social and mobile platforms.”
SpyderFix provides real-time data for SMBs by using 36 different original data sources and runs hundreds of proprietary, complex, and comparative algorithms to produce simple and understandable data for its customers in less than five minutes. According to their website, “Small-to-medium size businesses more than ever need expert advice when it comes to making the right business decisions about their digital presence and investment.” With technology and web presence becoming more important every day, JWEB Digital hopes to provide SMBs with the data necessary to understand and analyze their digital footprint, and make better marketing decisions.
Co-Founder, Gina Weber, states, “We understand the increasing need for advanced digital intelligence as small businesses increasingly make digital marketing decisions. The introduction of SpyderFix 11.1 provides that digital intelligence on a higher level than ever before and sets a new standard for both analytics and competitive analysis in the SMB market.”
JWEB Digital’s motto is “One Click. Opens Doors. One Click. Closes Sales.” SpyderFix helps JWEB live this motto by providing real-time delivery and analysis of Google organic search results, as well as comparative ranking reports for Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines. The software also provides clients with enhanced Pay-Per-Click competitive keyword and spend analysis, social media statistics, and a hyper-local results based upon zip codes.
SpyderFix attempts to solve many of the problems that small and medium size businesses face in the technology age. They explain that many are in need of expert advice because “many are behind the curve in making the shift to digital; others have no idea how they stack up against their digital competitors [and] none have million dollar research budgets.” SpyderFix aims to provide all of this data and analysis in a simple, easy to read report in less than five minutes.
Find out more about JWEB Digital and SpyderFix here.