Blosme Launches Contribute to the Cause-a donation platform for local communities

Contribute to the Cause™ - Online Funding Platform
Scottsdale-based software and design firm Blosme has officially launched their latest project, Contribute to the Cause. Contribute to the Cause is “a donation platform open to all seeking funding for worthy causes and projects as well as those looking to give.” The application helps people and organizations seek funding through the creation of a profile and appeals for their cause. Contributors can search through the projects and people listed and donate to causes they are passionate about. Cleavon Blair, CEO and founder of Blosme and founding partner of Contribute to the Cause, commented, “[Blosme] is dedicated to helping people in the industry without those skills [to find funding].” Contribute to the Cause focuses on allowing the community to grow stronger and more supportive. With features like a zip code-bases search feature, Contribute to the Cause “allows those looking for a local cause to select projects and offer assistance right in their own backyard.”
Blair is a strong believer in local networking and support within one’s community. Blair writes on the website, “every person in this world is connected somehow, and when we can, we have a responsibility to help each other. My belief in our connectedness and that help can come in different shapes and sizes is what helped spark Contribute to the Cause.”
When asked about the process of formulating the idea, Blair said, “A staff member had an opportunity to go to Iceland but she didn’t have the funds, so we tried to create a funding platform that would allow her and any other people in the community to find funding for things that could help them professionally or help their personal lives. Our belief is in our community and helping people fund their cause.
Phoenix Composer Seeks Travel Funds - Contribute to the Cause™
“The biggest thing is a funding platform, but also a marketing platform. Basically, it can bring attention whether they’re new startups looking for funding or people who maybe want to take a class in a particular programing language and don’t have the funding. Their platform can actually bring awareness to that and this helps the community to get involved with itself. There are lots of people in the community who want to help but don’t know how to help. It brings the needs of the community to those who can actually help.”
Regarding the future of Contribute to the Cause, Blair said, “We have a few more things to roll in. The biggest thing is finding different ways of getting the information out to people. Also, there needs to be different ways for people to advertise their different causes whether we do that with other software platforms or we innovate. We are working on finding different ways to get people to share their causes with the community and making it easier for people to see the causes.”
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