Success Magazine Announces Traklight as the Winner of the Start Big Win Big Challenge

SUCCESS Magazine has just announced that Traklight, a local company designed to protect Intellectual Property (IP), is the winner of their Start Big Win Big Challenge. CEO Mary Juetten broke the news on Traklight’s blog and shared it first with AZTB, commenting about how a bad-day-turned-wonderful and the incredible success of the company. The contest entails an eight-week process with weekly assignments to “help small business owners recognize and understand what makes their business work and grown, and how they can succeed.”
In her reflection of the last two months, Mary explained how her vision for her company changed and the massive difference that a year can make. In their transition, Traklight learned a lot of lessons about customer relations, the value of ideas, and the power of social media and marketing. “I learned that progress is made with a second or third attempt,” Mary said in her blog. “The notion that building a business is not a sprint but a marathon, and maybe even a triathlon, was wrapped up in my 2013 [Start Small Win Big Challenge] learning.”
As the winner of the competition, Traklight will receive business coaching sessions with JJ Ramberg of MSNBC’s Your Business and SUCCESS Magazine’s Darren Hardy, a business profile in SUCCESS Magazine, a year-long subscription to SUCCESS, and two of Darren Hardy’s goal-setting themed books.
Traklight will continue its ventures in IP protection and identification with this huge success. “We’re really excited because [SUCCESS] is a great way of getting Arizona on the map, not just Traklight,” Mary told us. “We think it’s going to be great in terms of attracting people to our site and giving us an opportunity to explain what we do. We really want to increase awareness around IP and educate people on how cool it can be.” Mary sent out her thanks to Traklight supporters, adding “It’s your belief in us that keeps us going to the next victory as we continue our journey to empower entrepreneurs, small business owners & inventors about intellectual property worldwide.”
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