Gangplank Re-Opens Tonight in Downtown Tucson

Later today, Gangplank Tucson will host its grand re-opening in downtown Tucson. Gangplank is a non-profit, collaborative workspace that provides resources, education, economic and community development without “physical or financial barriers.” They use their open workspaces to unite diverse minds from different backgrounds into one space so that they can collaborate and create stronger businesses.
Aaron Eden, Director of Gangplank Tucson, says that there is a vibrant energy around downtown Tucson which has contributed to their choice in location. With their goal “to create something greater than the individual and drive entrepreneurship and civic engagement,” Gangplank plans to make an impact in the Tucson community. “Gangplank is a vehicle for us to create long-lasting, positive change in Tucson. We know that diversity breeds innovation, and the intersection of artists, engineers, teachers, programmers, and other local creatives at Gangplank are a perfect catalyst.” Eden said.
During the grand re-opening they will have pitches by local startups, site tours, a skills and passion exercise and much more.
In order to help downtown Tucson become “a new economic engine in southern Arizona,” Gangplank will host many community events in the near future. To begin, they are conducting a hands-on Lean Startup workshop for six non-profits, and partnering with Lead Local and Intuit to connect an Intuit employee with a University of Arizona student to form a small business. They are also building a podcast studio, hosting their first iPhone development course, working with the Pima County Library to plan the new Tucson Youth Media Lab, and offering two different “hack” inspired projects (a “Hack-night” where software developers can collaborate together and a collaborative “Hack-a-thon” with Open Tucson and the City of Tucson IT Department).
Join Gangplank and the Tucson community at the opening tonight in the historic Pioneer Building. Register to attend here!
Gangplank Tucson will be located in the historic Pioneer Building
100 N. Stone Ave, Suite 100, Tucson, AZ
Photos courtesy of Groundwork Promotions

3 thoughts on “Gangplank Re-Opens Tonight in Downtown Tucson”

  1. What do you mean re-opening? I haven’t been to Gangplank Chandler for awhile now, did they close or move?

    • SleeZee Lyers, This article is about Gangplank Tucson reopening. The moved to a better location in Downtown Tucson. Gangplank Chandler is still in Downtown Chandler.

      • The past couple of times I’ve been to GP Chandler it has seemed a bit vacant, and I had the erroneous impression they had moved to Tucson.
        Thank you for the clarification.

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