SeedSpot Demo Day is @BrettApproved

On Friday, May 17, 2013, sixteen ventures delivered their pitch deck to over 600 people, including angel investors and entrepreneurs, at the SeedSpot Demo Day to attract everything from CEOs to developers to, of course, funding.
As part of the event, an audience-vote determined which venture received a piece of the $7,600 purse. Other sponsored prizes included free office space, professional services, and trips to startup conferences.
Who pitched and who won? Read on…
In the community ventures category:
Bokashi Evolution – an organic micro-organism soil amendment and compost accelerator. @BokashiEvo
Ranch Mine – catering to individuals that need home care or those that can’t afford a home, their product is a 540 square-foot, eco-conscious, pre-designed unit that includes a living quarter, bathroom, kitchenette and sleeping area and can function as a detached structure. @TheRanchMine
Support My Club – a site to help high school clubs raise money and goods, and acquire mentors to keep the club alive. AUDIENCE VOTED – WINNER $1,000 prize. @supportmyclub

One True Love – feeding the hungry and creating a resource for locally-grown food. They are opening a holistic café this year at a health care facility in Mesa where people can volunteer their time to cover the cost of a meal.
In the for profit ventures category:
Splicity – a mobile based app that allows users to create, capture, and share bite sized moments of their life through video. Each storyline is composed of a series of clips, up to 5 seconds long, then the app automates the clips together into a short 30 second video where users are able to customize their video with a filter, captions and music soundtrack. WINNER-Trip to a conference of their choice and intellectual property help from Traklight. @SplicityApp
EMoneyPool – helps small businesses and startups generate cash and credit to fuel their company. WINNER-Tickets to the Demo Conference in Silicon Valley, intellectual property help from Traklight and professional services from Social Whirled. @fcocervera01
TheraSpecs – developed therapeutic glasses to help those with light-sensitivities and other ailments. WINNER-Six months of free office space at SeedSpot.  @Theraspecs
Stuttering King Bakery – delicious homemade baked goods from Matt Cottle, a highly functioning autistic man who wants to encourage more people with autism to start a business. He wants to eventually open his own café. WINNER-A full-day of WebPT resources dedicated to helping build his business.
GardenFly – a social media outlet for gardeners to grow together, connect locally and obtain real-time feedback and resources as they plant and harvest. @gardenfly
Reneu – a company that will make furniture from your own stuff. They also use synthetic materials that can be reused continuously, and does not contribute to the destruction of our nation’s forests. @SITGREEN
BooGud Bikes – handmade bamboo bike company. Also creates attachable bamboo hand cycles for those who are mobility challenged. @boogudbikes
11th Monk3y– a collaborative space providing access for artists and designers to use machinery, equipment, screen presses, and other tools while also accessing educational classes and mentorship to manufacture their physical goods, and sell it at their retail store. @11thmonk3y
Paper Clouds Apparel – a company that raises money for special needs kids by selling their artwork on t-shirts. WINNER – Professional services from Social Whirled.  @PaperCloudsPCA
Poppy Pocket – an innovative and discrete infusion pump transport and holding system. @PoppyPocket
Invictus Nourishment –a nutritional bite-size snack that is naturally fortified with nourishing food, individually packaged, and specifically designed for children and nursing mothers in the development world.
Brett Approved – the first travel review site dedicated to those with mobility challenges.  AUDIENCE VOTED-WINNER- $6,600 prize, tickets to Demo Conference, and services from Social Whirled. @brettapproved
More to come in the next few weeks as we learn more about these entrepreneurs. Congrats to all of the ventures!
Photo courtesy of SeedSpot

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