Co+Hoots Collaborates with Greater Than Coffee at Their New Location

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Traditional workspaces have been drastically changing. Many people now work from home, telecommute, work in public spaces, or in collaborative offices. All of these modern workplaces depend on collaboration, teamwork, and flexibility that is drastically different from the traditional isolated cubicle. Co+Hoots has created the first coworking space in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. They state that many of these other non-traditional options come with distractions and frustrations such as children, phone calls, door bells, and noisy neighbors (either at home or in public). The founder of Co+Hoots, Jenny Poon, explains that “There are plenty of entrepreneurs and sole proprietors in the Phoenix area who are growing their business and either work out of their home or in coffee shops. On the other end of the spectrum, there are small businesses struggling to cover the high overhead of a private office suite. CO+HOOTS provides that happy medium for an entrepreneur to have access to a professional work environment, but at a much lower overhead.” Now, Co+Hoots has partnered with Greater Than Coffee at their new downtown location because they know that entrepreneurs need caffeine and decided that this would be a perfect addition to their new Washington Row location.
Jenny Poon explained to me that Co+Hoots got their start in Arizona on Seventh Street about two and a half years ago. They quickly grew to capacity at that location and moved to a temporary residence at monOrchid while their current space on Washington Row was prepared. They are already about 90% full at this new location and do not intend to slow down. They currently have 60 coworkers operating in 40 companies in Co+Hoots. Jenny Poon also states that in addition to the financial benefits of the coworking space, Co+Hoots “offers entrepreneurs an outlet to the vibrant downtown Phoenix community as well as coworkers to collaborate with on mutually beneficial projects. CO+HOOTS is all about community, coworking and collaboration.” Proving this concept, every one of the Co+Hoots members have projects or close contact with another member in order to create a beneficial referral network.
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Greater Than Coffee is now joining this collaboration starting January 28, 2013. This new business will be a cornerstone of Co+Hoots’ Washington Row location as well as being an investment in creating successful businesses along the light rail. Jenny Poon states, “This is just the beginning of what will be a flurry of restaurants, retail, and entrepreneurship that will land on Washington Row. To continue CO+HOOTS’ goal in increasing our influence on Phoenix small businesses, we want to help nurture and grow companies we believe fill a need in our community.” Greater Than Coffee is also thrilled to be joining the collaborative Co+Hoots community. Co-founder, Tricky Burns, says, “We’ve got a superb partner in CO+HOOTS and we’re glad to be a part of an organization willing to keep local talent in our community.”
Co+Hoots also collaborates with Eeko Studio, Tony Felice PR & Image Management, Ubiquity, Uber, Artifex, Localone, Event Savvy, 80/20 Records, Fat Cat Software, Harder Development, Idea-ology, News Quantified, Accoun+ing Prose, and Wired PR.
More about Co+Hoots:
Founder: Jenny Poon
Telephone: (602) 688-2825
Headquarters: 1027 E. Washington St., Suite 107, Phoenix, Arizona 85034

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