Startup Out Of Gangplank Chandler Disrupts The Recruiting Space, Making It A Lot Easier To Find Talent Online

Shon Burton, created his company HiringSolved out of necessity, and a desire for increased efficiency. Shon had been living and working in downtown San Francisco as a team leader for a recruiting firm, and was met with consistent challenges. As he trained each new recruiter, the initial time investment was large, and he was subject to them leaving the company at any time, taking all of that information with them. Also, each staff member spent about 20 hours / week looking through resumes and filtering through content on LinkedIn. These were two big time wasters, and after being met with these same hurdles over and over again, Shon had an epiphany – automate this recruiting process, and serve it up in a SaaS format.
So, that he did. Picking up a co-founder (Trevor Olson), relocating to Chandler, working out of Gangplank, and launching the initial product in September of 2012 has all happened since the day Shon came up with the big idea.
Today, HiringSolved has over 60 million candidate profiles that you can search through (and counting, by the hundreds of thousands each day), and many filtering features so you can find exactly who you’re looking for. The initial benefit to HiringSolved is that it is all delivered to you in on one site. From there, use their search bar to type in a skill, title, or location, and narrow your search. Lastly, right from the candidate profile, get in touch via email or phone and see if they’re a good fit for your company.

The secret sauce for HiringSolved is its sourcing abilities. As stated, the content is cleanly presented all on one site without having to manually search through LinkedIn, Github, Facebook, Twitter, etc, but they have also taken out all “spam-like content” that would just waste your time. Data is abundant, and in this day and age, most everyone has talent / resume information viewable online, so rest assured, there is no need to look through those hard copies of resumes anymore!
To see what I’m talking about, test out HiringSolved right here. Some “big dogs” such as Box, Square, Ricoh, Intel, Cisco, Salesforce, McKesson, and Yahoo! are already using the service. Plans begin at $99 / month.
HiringSolved doubled their revenues in the month of December, as looks to continue with doubling monthly growth straight through to 2Q 2013. They are a small team of five right now (two engineers, and three sales members), and has been self-funded to date, but could entertain the idea of investment capital to accelerate growth.

More About HiringSolved

Founded: 2011
Number of Employees: 5
Founders: Shon Burton & Trevor Olson
Funding: Self-funded, but open to taking your cash
Twitter: @HiringSolved
Phone: (409) 276 – 5833
Headquarters: Gangplank – 260 South Arizona Avenue, Chandler, AZ 85225