CXT Software Providing Courier Businesses with On-Demand Delivery Products

Businesses struggle to find the perfect equipment, technology, and support for their specific company. In the late 1990s Dan Calderone and Lyndon Edmonson struggled to find software for their courier businesses and therefore combined their thirty years of experience to form CXT Software. The previous software packages lacked features, were outdated, or were too expensive for their companies’ budgets, so their new mission was to design a software package to enable large companies to manage and control their businesses, while also allowing small companies to grow and compete. They launched X Dispatch, an on-demand delivery product, in 2000 and have expanded their list of products to also include X Route (route and distribution management), X Mobile (mobile application and GPS tracking), X Internet (web-based ordering and tracking), and X Import (file-based integration).
X Dispatch is CXT Software’s flagship product. It is a software application that features a drag-and-drop dispatch board, intelligent dispatching capabilities, rating schemes, service and order types, and automated proof-of-delivery. The software is optimized by using a split-screen or dual monitors so that dispatchers can see active orders and drivers on the same screen which allows them to select the best driver for each job. The software also narrows down the options by using algorithms to provide intelligent dispatching based on geographic locations. Other features include automatic address validation in order to prevent dispatching to incorrect addresses, automatic online credit card processing, automated proof-of-delivery, and transfer of revenue data to accounting software programs such as Quickbooks or Peachtree.
CXT Software has now been providing software products for over a decade based out of their headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. They explain that “CXT Software is a leading provider of software and mobile resource management technology for same-day, time-critical delivery and distribution business throughout the U.S. Leading-edge products, dedicated staff, world-class support, and high ethical standards position CXT Software to exceed its customers’ expectations and help them win in an increasingly competitive marketplace.”
More about CXT Software:
Founded: 1999
Founding Partners: Dan Calderone and Lyndon Edmonson
CEO: Darin Soll
Phone: 602.265.0195
Headquarters: 141 East Palm Lane, Suite 203, Phoenix, Arizona 85004-1555

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