Mesa Based HeatSync Labs is a Community Hardware/Software Workshop and Hangout

left to right: Jacob Rosenthal, Will Bradley, Blaine Bublitz, Erik Wilson, Luis Montes, Jeremy Leung

The guys pictured above have created something very special in the heart of downtown Mesa. They have rented a space and filled it with the kind of toys that attract Arizona’s hackers and tinkerers and called the place HeatSync Labs. The cost of admission to use 3D printers, laser cutters, machining and wood tools is a whopping $0! That’s right. The facility is paid for by volunteer members. Membership, which is completely optional, costs only $50/month. The 80 or so paying members cover the costs of rent, electricity and free wifi so that anybody can come and work out of the place and build whatever their heart desires – for free! The community of people who operate the place virtually 24-hours a day (official hours are 7PM to 10PM!) are also available to help people with their projects.

This past Saturday, I took my 7-year son to HeatSync labs and they were in the middle of an HTML5 gaming hackathon which ran from 10am to 10pm. The goal of the hackathon (which was open to the public) was to compete for building the best game possible in less than 12 hours. Contestants were randomly put into teams of 3 people each based on skills and worked together to build everything they needed, from graphics to Javascript, to deliver a finished game.
HeatSync labs is host to a number of events. This Wednesday, they have an Arduino Night at 7pm. They publish their events calendar here.
More Info About HeatSync Labs:
Web site:
Address: 140 W. Main st. Mesa, AZ 85201
Facility Fee: Free and Open to Public
Membership: $50/month (optional)
Core Group of Operators/Founders:

  • Jacob Rosenthal: @jacobrosenthal
  • Erik Wilson: @wils0ne
  • Luis Montes:  @monteslu
  • Will Bradley:  @willbradley
  • Blaine Bublitz:  @BlaineBublitz
  • Jeremy Leung:  @uberschnitzel


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  1. Heyhey! I was participating in the Hackathon I remember you and your very enthusiastic kid (which is awesome! Plant the seed early). Very Cool that HSL is getting some exposure!

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