AlphaStripe Levels Up From Beta, And Prepares For A Full Platform Launch This Veteran’s Day

This past Memorial Day, AZ Tech Beat reported on the beta launch of AlphaStripe. The founders, who are U.S. Military Veterans themselves, created a private platform for service men and women of all ages to share, connect, and honor one another. With emotionally charged content like photos, videos, and stories of war, social sites such as Facebook and YouTube didn’t seem applicable for this type of sharing. In other words,

Based on our research, veterans want to share their stories of conflict but do not want to do it on public social channels, such as YouTube, where their serious and emotional video is posted next to videos of kittens. -Eli Chmouni, Co-Founder & CEO of AlphaStripe

With the help of various awards, grants, seed funding, and their incubation into the Venture Catalyst Program at ASU, AlphaStripe is announcing their brand new interface. Some new features this time around include:

  • login capabilities with existing Facebook account
  • ability to upload multiple photos and videos at once
  • military database tracing back to WWII
  • groupings based on assigned military barracks

Now on Veteran’s Day (11-11-12), AlphaStripe will be live, and all shared content will be easily filtered by current trends, conflicts (missions), dates, and networks (groups, or branches of military).
AlphaStripe has created the system, but as with all other user-based social sites, the true success will be determined by the number of active users and the quality of content shared.

More About AlphaStripe

Founded: 2012
# of Employees: 7
Funding: Self-funded, plus $50,000 in prizes from AppSumo contest & $12,000 from the Edson Student Entrepreneurship Initiative
Founders: Eli Chmouni, Jason Brown, and Pete Chinnici
Twitter: @AlphaStripe
Phone: (480) 254-3718
Headquarters: ASU SkySong – 1475 N. Scottsdale Rd., Suite 200 • Scottsdale, AZ • 85257

2 thoughts on “AlphaStripe Levels Up From Beta, And Prepares For A Full Platform Launch This Veteran’s Day”

  1. To any Veterans thinking of joining this network please know I myself once was a part of this project and I can tell you first hand the man behind this is only after money. YOUR service to this country
    shouldn’t have a dollar value for a man who was not a veteran himself. I watched as he pushed veterans out at the first sign they were onto the plan to monetize veterans and I myself was let go for not
    “adhering to the profit over people” model of this company. Do your research and do not let your service to this great country make a non veteran rich!
    Pete Chinnici
    USMC (04-08) Semper Fi!

    • Pete,
      I am not sure what your experience with Eli was but I did programming work for him and Alphastripe and I did not get the same impression you got. He did not seem like he was “adhering to the profit over people model” and I know they do care about the veterans and there service.
      Alphastripe is a business and needs to make money. They are not charging people to use the site, so it is a free service to you. But they have to pay the bills one way or another. It isn’t free to do all of this.
      But you are wrong in your opinion.

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