Simpleview Streamlines CRMs to Market Destination Marketing Organizations

Arizona has always been a hotbed for CRM companies (think Act,SalesLogix, Infusionsoft), and Tucson-based Simpleview has quietly joined that growing list. Simpleview has emerged as another rapidly growing software company that creates a CRM and CMS solution specifically for destination marketing organizations (or DMOs).
Simpleview is a company that helps destination marketing organizations (DMOs) with conventions sales, tourism marketing, and day-to-day operations. Destination marketing organizations promote a certain area, like a city or town, in order to increase the number of visitors to that area. Simpleview has streamlined the use of CRM and CMS systems to maximize the marketing strategies for each destination company. They have included new products that allow these tourism companies to market each destination effectively including mobile applications and maps that emphasize tourist locations, restaurants, and hotels for their customers.
The company began as 220Solutions, a small business with only three employees. Since merging with Rich Reason’s company that produced infomercials for conventions and tourism, Simpleview has evolved from the web-development firm of three to over 100 employees. They have now expanded the original company from Tucson to also include offices in Texas, Minnesota, and California. They serve more than 200 DMOs in the United States and internationally.
Simpleview is also very dedicated to their Arizona origins. The CEO Ryan George says, “I am proud to continually employ the brightest staff members with high-tech and tourism expertise to work at our headquarters in Tucson – the city where I grew up.” He also said that the majority of their employees are local hires that were educated at one of the Arizona universities. In 2012 the company implemented a personal development program that dedicates $2,500 for each staff member that they can invest in professional development training and higher education courses.
Simpleview has recently launched several new products and services including:

  • DMAI Event Impact Calculator Integration – a new tool that allows users to accurately calculate the economic value of a particular event and report its return on investment for the destination. This helps add to the already implemented forecasting and reporting marketing and allows DMOs access to industry standards to quantify the impact of expenditures, taxes, employment and wages.
  • Map Publisher – an online module that allows DMOs to use Google Maps with the Simpleview CRM to develop customized maps. DMOs can use this for their visitors to track their destination’s restaurants, hotels, and sightseeing tours.
  • Mobile CRM – an extension of the Simpleview CRM for mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets.

More about Simpleview:
Founded: 1991
CEO: Ryan George
Phone: 520.575.1151
Headquarters: 7458 N. La Cholla Blvd. Suite #100, Tucson, AZ 85741