Young Scottsdale Natives Meet Sir Richard Branson and Land Over 1 Million in Seed Funding

Meet Scott and Stacey Ferreira. They are co-founders of Inspiration came for this business startup after Scott lost all of his website / password information from a computer crash – he then had the idea to take this storage to the cloud! was dreampt of being an all-in-one place to store personal internet activity, usernames and passwords, and even website bookmarks. These two siblings from Scottsdale, Arizona, have actually both dropped out of university to chase this business opportunity.
Thankfully for them, opportunity they have found! While perusing around on Twitter one day, Stacey came across a tweet from Sir Richard Branson reading,

Enjoy intimate cocktails with me in Miami on June 15th – $2,000 to charity. For details email:
– richardbranson (@richardbranson)

So, Stacey replied. Scott, 20, and Stacey, 19 would both have to forego the “intimate cocktails”, but they weren’t willing to pass up an opportunity to meet Branson (once a teenage entrepreneur himself) in Miami. Aftering hearing back from the Virgin Group that they were accepted, the Ferreira siblings took $4,000 out on loan from their parents to cover traveling expenses, and the $2,000 donation to Branson’s charity – Free the Children.
Two days after reading that tweet, the two of them were sitting in Miami attending the 25th Anniversary party for Virgin right next to Branson and 16 other “chosen” attendees. Scott and Stacey had a quick and fast-paced trip, but returned home with the direct contact information for Richard, and the right to contact him at any time.
Upon getting back to work, Scott and Stacey reported in to Branson via many phone conversations. Branson then turned them over to Jerry Murdock, co-founder of Insight Venture Partners. Murdock showed a keen interest in, and flew out to meet with the team directly. Jerry fired many questions their way regarding the business, vision, managing team, etc. However, the next day, Murdock announced that both himself, and billionaire Richard Branson would be investing in

“It helped propel our business forward quite extensively,” says Scott who plans to use the investment mostly to support the nine people on his team.

Well, I would think that $1 Million should keep the office staff gainfully employed for quite some time.
Additionally, Photobucket co-founder Alex Welch has invested in the venture; a personal friend and mentor to Scott.

“I guess the biggest thing that I would advise [fellow young entrepreneurs] is take every opportunity,” says Stacey.

Now everyone get on Twitter!

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