Clarisoft: Clarifying the Web Dev for Local Businesses

With online presence being a necessity for local businesses today, getting a handle on all the online tools available can be daunting. Clarisoft, a Scottsdale-based company, works directly with entrepreneurs to develop customized websites, web platforms, and mobile apps, with an eye toward customer development, rather than blind product development.
Clarisoft is known to utilize a lean method for software development. By helping startups implement this into their business and bringing products and services to market, the methodology focuses on efficiency while pushing new ideas.
Originally, Clarisoft began in Maine, but then moved their operations to Arizona. “We like having our business in Scottsdale because it’s part of a thriving metro area and we want to build up a local community,” said Robert Haines, Director of Business Development at Clarisoft. “We think Scottsdale has great potential for growth and when we made the move, our company grew 80% and has grown 150% in the past three years.”
In an effort to give back to the community that has been so welcoming, a select group of the Clarisoft founding team has joined the Venture Catalyst mentoring program. Through the mentoring program, Clarisoft helps ASU student startups implement the lean business model and navigate the turbulent waters of web and app development.
More about Clarisoft
Founder: Bogdan Bucura
Founded: 2004
# of Employees: 2 locally, 19 in Romania