PureChat Launches 100% Free Live Chat Service for Web Sites

Every year during the summer, and after a major release of OnTime, the Development Team at Axosoft takes a 30-day break to focus on something else. The time is used for new learning opportunities, experiments, or even the launch of new startups. This year, both the Dev and Marketing Teams joined forces to launch both DashZen.com and PureChat.com in 30 days. That’s right, on Day 1 they had a blank sheet of paper, and on Day 30 they had two new functional products! Impressive. From their blog, here is a video on how it all happened:

PureChat.com – Live Website Chat Service
DashZen.com – Web Based Dashboard Software
So when PureChat first launched, the service cost $7 / operator per month, but it’s pricing has just been changed to be 100% free for unlimited operators! With a name, email, and password, you can begin integrating the PureChat service into your existing website.
It’s quite simple, and just how they wanted it to be — Angelo Coppola, VP of Marketing at Axosoft describes the service by saying,

“It’s intended to be very simple – all that is required is for a website owner to copy and paste a few lines of javascript on their web site and that’s it.”

Operators can login to an operator console to manage multiple simultaneous chats with their customers, and those web sites that offer a live a chat service can increase conversations by as much as 30%. Great for ecommerce sites!

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