Planning No Longer Has to be an Event of its Own With Event Interface

Planning events used to entail printing out hundred of fliers and taping them around the city, hoping someone will take interest in the event. Today, events have become much more complicated, but also effective. Now event planners need to manage online registration, promoting the event in print and online, and many other intricacies to make the event a success.
Event Interface is a Phoenix based company that focuses on events and meetings. The company creates solutions for planners to manage all aspects of their event like registration, social networking, videos, and integrating into a mobile application. Their most successful product was launched in December 2011 and available for clients to license and charges the client per event based on the number of users on the system. They claim that this method of payment is much cheaper than competitors that charge per transaction.
“We originally based our business in Tucson, but found Phoenix to have a better talent base,” stated Rod Bridges, founder of Event Interface. “Phoenix is a better location for our business because it has a great infrastructure and allows us to be closer to the majority of the events we are involved with.”
Recently, Event Interface has created a new iPhone 5 application that scans tickets, allows guests to chat with the other attendees at the event, and integrates videos and pictures of the event. For the event planners, the application allows internal texting and making any adjustments to sessions in real time.
More about Event Interface
Founder: Rod Bridges
Founded: 2010
# of employees: 4