BarSential Picks Up the Tab On Local Promotions

Going for a night on the town seems fun and exciting, but instead you are stuck picking the right bar, worrying if you have enough cash for the night, and waiting to pay your tab. Once you get there you spend most of your time cramped, standing in long lines, and squeezing through the crowd to order a drink.
BarSential is a mobile app that allows customers to receive promotions, and can use the app to prepay for cover fees, drinks, bottle service, etc. This allows customers to prevent carrying cash or worry about using their credit card and it also is designed to help save time by avoiding lines.  For merchants, BarSential is a mobile app that allows merchants to advertise special promotions and to drive traffic to their bar, especially during the off-peak hours.
“We chose to launch our business in Arizona because it has a great ecosystem for small businesses,” explained John Rushworth, co-founder of BarSential. “We are alumni of the University of Arizona and realized that Tucson and Scottsdale are great cities to use as test markets because they are very diverse which will ultimately help us scale.”
BarSential launched four weeks ago in Arizona and is on the market ready to download at the App Store. They are currently working with local bars to help them gain new customers, honor loyal customers, and generate more revenue. BarSential also offers analytics, which allow merchants to track how their promotions are doing and adjust their discounts accordingly.
More About BarSential
Founders: John Rushworth and Eytan Ben-Yeoshua
Founded: February 2012
# of employees: 13
Twitter: @BarSential