Gangplank’s RoadMap To Launch Starts Again, Now Partnered with ASU Venture Catalyst

Remember the Extreme Pitch 2012 event that we reported on back in May? Well, the annual event hosted by Gangplank Chandler is the culmination of a program called RoadMap To Launch. This program consists of 10 weeks of training led by local experts that guide budding entrepreneurs through the process of transitioning their latest and greatest business idea into a company that’s ready to go to market.
New this year, RoadMap To Launch will be following the Lean Launchpad curriculum developed by serial silicon valley entrepreneur, and Stanford professor Steve Blank. Steve has put together this class and taught it at Stanford, Berkeley, Columbia, Caltech, and the National Science Foundation. However, to reach an even broader audience, Steve went one step further by partnering with Udacity (an online learning platform) to create a fully online class. Called ‘How to Build a Startup: The Lean LaunchPad’, this course will guide you through crucial business startup phases including concept validation, product development, and go to market strategies. For the real go-getters, you can also refer to Steve Blank’s supplemental book on startups – ‘The Startup Owner’s Manual: The Step-by-Step Guide for Building a Great Company’.
Also new, Gangplank Chandler has accepted the new partner in ASU Venture Catalyst. This looks like a great joint-venture as Venture Catalyst currently provides many resources and opportunities for local entrepreneurs in the ASU community (latest: AZ Furnace).
Classes are taught by experienced valley entrepreneurs and corporate professionals all with a unique experience in the RoadMap To Launch subject area(s). The learning takes place every Monday night (September 10th through to November 12th) from 6pm – 9pm at Gangplank Chandler.
On Friday, November 16th, the Extreme Pitch Event takes place when we hear from each company, and vote for this round’s winner!
Best of luck to all participating companies from AZ Tech Beat.

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  1. Great share. I haven’t heard of Udacity or their classes online before. I just previewed Steve Blank’s course and it looks quite good.

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