$2 Million Funding Helps Stremor Corp Open the Door to a Mobile Future

Silicon Valley is one of the largest, most well-known technology hubs in the world. Mostly recognized for their high tech major corporations, many innovative startups also occur in the area. But what if large corporations could leave Silicon Valley and migrate to a more intimate, but equally tech savvy, city? What if small startups could do the same? Stremor Corp is doing just that. Stremor Corp’s greatest goal, for the time being, is to help the transition from full computer internet usage to purely mobile internet usage. With the $2 million in seed-funding that Stremor Corp recently raised, they will start launching protypes as soon as two weeks from now. Stremor Corp recognizes that the world is quickly developing to run via mobile devices, but they also see that the changes will be rough for many internet sites and applications. Their goal is to help move technology into the mobile generation fluidly by crating technology that aids in the transition of the content.
CEO Bill Irvine admits that the success of his company in Scottsdale is a compelling story. Taking a chance and starting his company outside of Silicon Valley, Irvine saw the advantages to being in a smaller city. With seven-figure funding on hand for prototype development, his team, including “mad scientist” Brandon Wirtz and “alchemist” Greg Rewis, imagine an even more technologically friendly future. Regarding his staff, Irvine explains “I think of myself as the visionary or “dreamer,” and we three with very different backgrounds have almost immediately developed an amazing shorthand and synergy I’ve never before experienced. That translates into an effective and very efficient and level management style for both design and development”. While most companies start up with no precise plan of action or genius staff, Stremor Corp is ahead of the game. Irvine, a man infected with the bug of creation, jokes, “I’ve never before seen an entire office celebrate something as seemingly trivial as a cool redesign of a user interface icon — but here, the culture has created a mindset where no aspect of what we’re creating is trivial”. Their first release launches in two weeks (http://www.unpartial.com), but the secret of the technology is being kept quiet for now.
But why is mobile adaptation so important? Why can’t we all just deal with fewer functions and stick with our computers. Irvine explains that it is a necessity for users to have their products available on any device at any time they need it. Everything about the world is in transit now. Nobody has the time or the patience to sit at him for in an office and wait for their programs to do what they need. With the technology that Stremor Corp is releasing, a new wave of mobile technology can function all day, any day, anywhere. By re-thinking the basic ideas behind the basic uses of the internet, the company has created programs that are run by a natural language engine, which can translate and edit programs and internet applications to help them meet the needs of the user. Stemor Corp is imagining the future from a consumer-based approach. While most companies are trying to create all new technology, Stremor Corp is strengthening what we already have to build a greater future for all mobile users. As their website teases, “If you consider what everyone else in online and mobile is doing as comparable to cars, trucks, SUVs, and other vehicles of the road — you can consider what we’re doing as comparable to making teleporters”.
More About Stremor Corp:
Founded: 2011
Number of Employees: Nine
Funding: $2 Million Seed-Funding
Founder: Bill Irvine
Site: http://www.stremor.com/
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/stremortv