MAC6 Business Incubator Helps Fund Life Saving Technology

What does venture capital have to do with SIDS? This is probably the question that comes to mind when those two topics come up in a single sentence.  The answer? Saving the life of a child. Seymour Innovative, a small company started by Peter Seymour, has created a revolutionary piece of technology designed to monitor infants who are susceptible to SIDS and try to prevent the horrific death. Seymour, a student at ASU lost his daughter, Eleanore to SIDS two years ago. The death shook him to the core, but motivated him to try to prevent anyone else from suffering the grief of losing an infant for an unknown reason. Along with two engineering teams from ASU and various grants from the Edson Student Entrepreneurship Initiative and the ASU Innovation Challenge, Seymour Innovative designed Ella’s Monitor. Ella’s Monitor is designed to work with smartphone technology to monitor infants in an attempt to lower the death rate caused by SIDS. An electronic monitor on a bracelet checks the infant’s statistics and warns the parent or nurse if the baby’s vital signs fall.
Why Seymour Innovative?
MAC6, a business incubator based in Tempe, has graciously given an undisclosed angel funding round to Seymour Innovative to allow the company to produce a true prototype of Ella’s Monitor and help the product launch into the market. MAC6 also prides itself on its strong mentoring program and influential business partners. The business incubator has chosen Seymour Innovative thanks to their motivated and passionate CEO.
“We invested in Seymour Innovative, the company, as the first MAC6 incubee because we believe that Peter, himself, would make this company a success,” said Kyle McIntosh, co-founder of MAC6.
MAC6 bases itself on four pillars of incubation: creativity, collaboration, community, and change. With these strategies, they help companies like Seymour Innovative grow and contribute to their ideal of Conscious Capitalism.
To add to their ideas and opportunities thus far, Seymour Innovative is also one of the first of the Edson companies to achieve recognition and outside funding for their project. Edson, based at ASU SkySong, expects great success for Seymour and many of its other companies.
Seymour Innovative hopes to have Ella’s Monitor on the market within the next two years.

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