Tappforce Builds Mobile Applications for Some of The World's Largest Brands

The mobile market is exploding in popularity. In some parts of the world, mobile internet usage has already overtaken standard desktop access. Whenever you leave your house, you’ll likely see most people around you with their eyes transfixed by their smartphone — checking email, composing a tweet, or using an app.
In fact, it’s the apps that have really made smartphones so popular. People love using apps on their phones and a very large market has blossomed for talented developers to create them. The ability to create an app and possibly get it in front of the eyes of millions of users through the Apple and Android app stores has created a whole new generation of independent software developers.
Tappforce is a local startup that develops iOS and Android applications for its clients. The company was founded in 2011 by Sheehan Alam and Reyaad Sidique along with two additional developers on staff. Though the team is only four strong and the company is fairly new, they’ve already managed to build out applications for some of the largest brands in the world while receiving quite a bit of praise.
Tappforce’s work has been featured by Times Square, iTunes App of the Week, TechCrunch, and Apple Retail Stores worldwide, making an impressive name for this nimble squad of mobile developers.


Tappforce specializes in developing custom applications for iOS and Android devices. A company can approach Tappforce with little more than an idea and have a beautiful and responsive app developed from beginning to end. The company has helped successfully launch many apps so far, so they’re also able to consult with their clients and help them create a plan to successfully launch their app.
Tappforce has built some impressive applications so far. They built the StockTwits app for iPhone, an application for the world’s largest social network for financial investors. They also built the NASDAQ QFolio app for iPhone, which allows investment professionals to manage their portfolio via their iPhone. Tappforce hasn’t just limited their dev work to financial investment related apps, though.
They also built the GlaxoSmithKline Cancer Trials app for iPhone, which is a location based app that helps doctors find clinical cancer trials in their area. The company has worked on various other apps and is adding to their portfolio at a rapid pace. In a market that’s growing larger and more profitable by the day, Tappforce appears set to continue their growth and impressive app development portfolio.

More About Tappforce

Founded: 2011
# of Employees: 4
Revenues: Not disclosed
Founder: Sheehan Alam, Reyaad Sidique
Website: www.tappforce.com
Twitter: @syalam
Phone: 323-SHE-EHAN
Headquarters: Phoenix, AZ