Haiku Makes It Simple To Bring The Classroom To The Web

The last few decades have seen internet technology completely reshape many industries. Whether it’s the music industry, newspaper industry, or dozens of others–changes continue to happen at a dizzying speed. However, the education field has lagged behind when it comes to adopting new technology.
There are lots of opportunities in this niche market–especially with the growing rate of adoption of internet usage in children’s lives. Children are growing up online nowadays and it seems unnatural to many of them that they wouldn’t be able to access information about assignments and test dates via the internet. However, many teachers simply don’t know how to create an online portal for students.
Haiku was founded in 2006 by Bryan Falcon and Allen Angell to provide a solution for these teachers. Haiku is a simple learning management system (LMS) that allows teachers to develop an online portal for their classes without needing any web development knowledge. While the application is simple to use, it’s full of powerful options that allow teachers–or entire schools or school districts–to create custom classroom portals that meet their needs. To top it off–the base plan is free for teachers!


The Haiku LMS includes a website creator with a drag and drop layout. The website teachers build can include announcements, pages, and a flexible calendar. Teachers can also use the LMS to upload assignments, assessments, polls, statistics–and they can even take attendance using the portal system. Haiku also makes it easy for students to collaborate and work together on projects.
Haiku allows for collaborative Wikis to be created. Students can also comment on posts that the teacher leaves in the system. The LMS also provides the ability for students to have their own blogs within the system. Other students can comment on these blogs to further the collaborative spirit.
The free plan allows for a single teacher to use it to manage up to five classes–totaling a maximum of 375 student users. The free plan also gives a maximum of 2GB of storage space for all data uploaded to the teacher’s portal. There are various plans available for teachers that need more than the free plan offers. The plans start at as low as $4.95 per month. These plans are for individual teachers.
Haiku also offers plans for schools or entire school districts. These plans are custom built for each school or district–but start as low as $4-8 per user per month. A school or district that wants to sign up for one of these plans can contact Haiku for a custom quote on a plan built to their needs.

More About Haiku

Founded: 2006
# of Employees: 11-50
Revenues: Not disclosed
Founder: Bryan Falcon, Allen Angell
Website: www.haikulearning.com
Twitter: @haikulearning
Blog: Haiku Blog

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