Axosoft's New OnTime adds Dashboards To Keep Dev Teams ‘On Time’

Scottsdale based Axosoft, creators of the OnTime suite of development tools have just released what they believe to be a major update to their offering. The new OnTime release includes a much touted new dashboard feature that allows development teams to see the status of their projects with a quick glance at a big-screen dashboard which combines data about their projects in a visual way.
Keeping with the theme, Axosoft believes this dashboard displayed on a 60” flatscreen in their highly-trafficked lounge area will “subtly” keep their own developers accountable in producing ‘OnTime’ projects.
Let’s take a peek at what this new dashboard feature has to offer…

Combining a Scrum burndown chart with counts of the number of defects and user stories being created as well as a projected ship date and workload information on the same screen is the core of what the new dashboard provides. Axosoft claims that dev teams will be able to customize the dashboard to see the information that’s important to them.
When releasing the news about this development dashboard on his blog, Hamid Shojaee – CEO of Axosoft states,

The new OnTime dashboard is truly a game changer. It’s an unbelievably useful tool to see where things stand, to spot anomalies, to remind everyone of ship dates — and all of it is right there at-a-glance.

For this new version of OnTime, Axosoft took the opportunity to switch a few more things around. The full lineup of changes that have been made, include:

  • New Drag and Drop Field Template Designer (to add or edit new items)
  • New Workflow Manager
  • New Menu and Toolbar Systems
  • And Performance Improvement

To see the complete layout, and What’s New in the latest OnTime release, check out the video here.
Anyone currently using the OnTime Development Suite? Comment below and tell us what you think.
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