EventDay Helps You Plan & Execute Flawless, Digitally Integrated Events

No matter how smoothly a company seems to operate, the one area where things can easily fall apart is the live event. From poor marketing efforts to registration mishaps to a lack of evidence that the event happened afterward, organizing a live event is problematic, to say the least.
If you’ve ever been to a poorly planned or executed event (which we’re willing to bet you have), you’ll be pleased to learn that Scottsdale-based EventDay is out to change the way live events are held by streamlining the process from start to finish. They have launched a public version of their software at app.eventday.com.
EventDay offers a comprehensive list of tools and services that handle the entire event lifecycle: before, during and after the event. The features break down as follows:
Before the event: EventDay generates a microsite for guest registration, email reminders and ticketing. Guests can purchase tickets with a credit card directly from the site, and print tickets with QR codes for easy check-in at the event.
Additionally, EventDay offers a white label, branded mobile app for the event that allows guests to view details and receive any changes in event time, location, etc. through push notifications.
During the event: The company handles on-site check-in, digital signage and any registration tasks. This also includes things like badge printing and meal/drink tickets.
After the event: EventDay works with sister company LoopLogic to quickly upload event video footage so businesses can distribute, charge for or otherwise use conference video for promotions, internal education or simple replay.
There are also built-in analytics to give event organizers real-time feedback on the number of attendees and who checked in. Used with the LoopLogic dashboard, EventDay gives actionable analytics from event sign up to replay and everything in between.
EventDay launched publicly last week with the Windows Azure Developer Conference event, and from what they reported, the 700+ guest conference registration seemed to go off without a hitch.
While EventDay’s public facing website only recently went live, EventDay the company has been no stranger to managing large events. Over the past year, EventDay has managed events with thousands of attendees for the likes of Microsoft and InfusionSoft.

More About EventDay

Founded: 2012
# of employees: less than 10
Funding: Self funded
Founders: Scott Cate, Scott Mitchell and Stephane Legay
Twitter: @EventDay
Blog: eventday.com/blog
Phone: 714-64-EVENT
Headquarters: 4835 E. Cactus Suite 225 Scottsdale, AZ 85254