Vuurr – Metric Driven Digital Marketing Strategy

Vuurr provides PPC, SEO, and Development services that optimize digital marketing efforts. Vuurr partners Scott Yacko, Jonathan Kressaty, Joshua Ziering, Chris Conrey, and Chuck Reynolds have jettisoned the traditionally touchy-feely approach to marketing. Instead of focusing on the more nebulous aspects like branding or perception, Vuurr maximizes digital marketing campaigns with a metrics-driven approach focused on quantifiable results.

Pay per click (PPC)

Vuurr helps marketers optimize their search engine pay per click advertising. Its focus on analytics helps you in choosing the ideal combination of keywords, settings, copy, and design that maximizes return on investment. Additionally, Vuurr provides ongoing campaign analysis and management, including providing recommendations for improvement backed by multivariate and A/B testing results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Vuurr develops and executes customized SEO strategies that raise website visibility within a targeted audience. Vuurr’s SEO expertise combines search rank monitoring, keyword research, on-site technology optimization, off-site authority, link building, and website re-architecture with an aggressive, ROI-driven methodology that lead clients to increased visitor conversion rates.


Like the MacGyver’s of digital marketing optimization, Vuurr also offers development services. This includes e-commerce, WordPress, and cloud telephony (a service that allows call tracking and analysis of integrated marketing campaigns). Vuurr also provides API consulting, recently guiding hosted CRM provider Infusionsoft through an API revision that included transitioning API documentation to Github.
Vuurr’s client portfolio includes companies such as Karmaloop, Nooka, Infusionsoft, Cox Communications, and Kahala.

More About Vuurr

Founded: 2011
Partners: Jonathan Kressaty, Joshua Ziering, Chris Conrey, Chuck Reynolds, Scott Yacko
Twitter: @vuurr
Phone: (480) 525-8240
Address: Gangplank HQ
260 S Arizona Ave
Chandler, AZ 85225

12 thoughts on “Vuurr – Metric Driven Digital Marketing Strategy”

  1. The SEO stuff is what excited me about Vuurr. I am pretty much obsessed with search engine optimization, and the whole concept of “getting found” online. Taking that a step further, keyword research is something I do all the time. I am going to look into some of their clients to see what they are doing. Oh, and I LOVE their website.
    Good article, Steven. Short, sweet, and encouraged me to do a little more digging. 

  2. I am the owner of a startup. Four years ago we files out trademark and business. We are Vuurr, a competitor to Google Analytics and we will be sending you a letter shortly.

  3. Hey fellas,
    How bizzare! My husband and i began a company that helped toy collectors search the web for good deals as well as improve how they are found online. We originally called ourself VEROOM! like a little matchbox car, but we went with VUURR! instead. I should probably call our trademark attorney, but don’t be nervous.

  4. Good day,
    I am shocked to see that someone else has used the same ubiquitous name as myself. I started using VuURR in 2010, how about you?

  5. I feel like I need to write a comment here and say I came up with the name “Vuurr” first when I was like 3 years old and I was playing with my toy cars. I’m going to send you all letters. I’m going to send the letter “I” to one of you, the letter “B” to another and maybe the letter “Z” to a third.
    Hey, @fc0be2cd2e270d601cc67edd4c2d4bae:disqus and @595e77a5a32345d160f641fa62dbf99a:disqus , why didn’t you guys register the domain name?

  6. I am simply outraged at this. I can’t believe that this ridiculous group have taken a name that was first used in 1997 as the original social network and myspace clone. There was even a “vuurr me” button that could be embedded, including a pink marquis for your website.

  7. Hello everyone,
    Your letters are welcome and encouraged. If you send in a SASE we’ll send you back a personally signed copy of a picture of each of our partners. Please direct all correspondence to:
    260 S Arizona Ave
    Chandler, AZ 85225
    Thank you,
    Joshua Ziering, Partner

    • Well fine then,
      I’ll call the family attorney if you want to be a kaka-doodie about it.

  8. hola,
    Me llamo Ivan Drago, un revelador original tanto del cubo rubics como de la tecnología detrás de los títulos de guerras de las galaxias de desplazamiento. Mi nombre comercial es VUURR y escribiré su embajada para pleitos de la ley.

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