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Marketing Press
It’s no secret that WordPress is the most popular open-source software in the world. In fact, WP is used by 14.7% of the websites listed in Alexa’s “Top 1million websites”–and there are almost 74million blogs hosted on WP has become so popular because it’s free, easy to use, powerful, and extremely flexible. It’s possible to create a normal blog using WP, or use it as a CMS solution to power a more standard business website. As wonderful as the software is, the default themes that come with the software aren’t really suited well for business sites–and most of the free themes that are out there simply aren’t up to par either. If a business does find a theme that they can work with for free, it will often require a lot of edits that the business owners may not be skilled enough to make.
Greg Taylor founded his company Marketing Press to give businesses a better solution–custom WordPress sites that are optimized to meet their individual business goals. Marketing Press has offices in Tempe, Arizona and Red Bank, New Jersey–with the Arizona office running out of Gangplank. The company offers a full suite of WP development and marketing services and serves Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, artists and startup businesses. If a business wants to use WP for their site, Marketing Press intends to make their ideas come to life in highly creative ways.


Marketing Press has a diverse range of WordPress development services that they offer. They can sit down with a business and build out a fully customized theme based off the ideas presented in a client meeting. They can also tweak one of the premium WP themes–such as Genesis–to their liking. They also do refreshes on existing WP sites. So, if a business has a WP site that was already developed and just wants to make it look cleaner and more modern, they can handle that kind of project as well.
Marketing Press goes beyond just handling development of sites. They can also handle maintenance, such as making sure security updates are being performed and that the plugins being used on a site are up to date and not causing vulnerabilities for your site. They also offer SEO services and content marketing, whereby they will create the strategy of the type of content that should be included on a site, and even write it for the business. They intend to offer their clients everything they need to run a successful WP site, without the hassle of having to look for help in lots of different places.

More About Marketing Press

# of Employees: 1-10
Revenues: Not disclosed
Founder: Greg Taylor
Twitter: @MarketingPress_
Blog: Marketing Press Blog
Phone #: AZ: 480.442.7143 NJ: 732.784.8298
Headquarters: Gangplank  260 S Arizona Ave, Chandler, AZ 85225