Axosoft Gets Creative with Recruiting Tactics: Free Geek Toys

Ask any software company in Arizona what their #1 challenge is and the response is the same: Finding good software engineers. To secure some quality talent, Axosoft has taken a different approach by gifting a full line up of tech gadgets to any software engineer that comes on board between now and August 1st.
Let’s take a look at what they get: MacBook Air, XBox 360, iPad, AppleTV, Bose Headset, GoPro camera, Roku, Kindle Fire and AR.Drone.
That’s insane! When talking with Hamid Shojaee, CEO of Axosoft, he said, “Since 2004, Axosoft has constantly been looking to hire software engineers and expand its team. We have hired everyone we’ve met who meets our criteria for being a superstar software engineer, but we aren’t finding these people fast enough.”
Axosoft’s approach with these high tech gifts makes me think this is the “bubble” everyone is talking about, but then Shojaee reminds me that Axosoft has grown organically and profitably since day one. And while these signing gifts are given to new engineers to keep regardless of how their employment turns out, Axosoft’s real attraction to potential recruits is how it treats all of its employees. Free catered lunches on Mondays. Sandwiches on Tuesdays. A small gym inside the office complete with showers. An office environment that encourages collaboration while still providing privacy and state of the art computer equipment.
With tech unemployment rates less than half the national average and a strong future job outlook in the tech sector, it seems Software Engineers will have lots of choices when it comes to employers. Most of the companies profiled on AZTechBeat have a number of open positions.
Today, AZ Tech Beat has also launched our Arizona Tech Jobs board where any Arizona tech employer can post jobs for free!
Disclaimer: While we believe this article is in line with AZTechBeat’s mission, Axosoft is currently paying the bills at and we thought it’s worth mentioning that as a disclaimer because that’s the way we roll.

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