AwareLabs Delivers Effective Marketing Plans For Startups

Paul Kenjora is no newbie when it comes to launching a startup. In fact, it was his experiences he had building a previous company that led to the creation of his latest venture–AwareLabs. Paul launched Blog Glue in 2008 and raised $1million in VC funds to grow the business. The early days of bootstrapping the company showed Paul that there was a lack of options and information available for startups looking to increase their marketing and PR efforts. Most founders of startups live and breath their products. They are intimately familiar with their code and understand the technology thoroughly. However, they’re often lacking the needed marketing skills and knowledge to get their product out there–a crucial step for attracting users and possible investors. So what options does a startup have?
The options that were available before AwareLabs were to hire an expensive PR firm or spend countless hours learning the skills necessary to handle marketing internally. Paul knew that these options weren’t the best available and that there had to be a better way for startups to kick their marketing efforts into high gear. That idea is what led to AwareLabs being launched in 2011 with the goal of making PR campaigns easy and affordable for all new startups trying to make it in this fast-paced world of tech, where making a name for yourself prior to launch is practically essential.


AwareLabs provides a step by step marketing guide that will help a business improve search engine rankings and visibility online. The marketing plan can be viewed for free. This allows the business to get a feel for what kind of steps will be taken throughout the process and what they will need to do. If the customer decides they want to work through the whole process on their own, they will need to pay $350 to unlock all the tasks and complete them. This can be done at the customer’s own pace. Alternatively, they can have all the tasks completed for them and delivered in two weeks for $1400.

More About AwareLabs

Founded: 2011
# of Employees: 1
Revenues: Not disclosed
Founder: Paul Kenjora
Twitter: @awarelabs
Blog: AwareLabs Blog
Phone #: 602-214-7285
Headquarters: CO+HOOTS  825 North 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85006

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