Scottsdale's SpyFu Boosts Search Marketing Stats by Spying on Competitors

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Choosing the right keywords is crucial for search marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) strategy; however, it can quickly become an expensive and frustrating exercise in trial-and-error for many companies and industry professionals. Thankfully, SpyFu has taken the guesswork out of keyword selection and more—by allowing its customers to spy on their competitors’ keywords, ad copy and other Google AdWords data as well as organic search terms.
First launched in 2005 as a prototype called GoogSpy, SpyFu Founder and CEO Mike Roberts says he came up with the concept when he was learning to use AdWords to promote his first company, Velocityscape. The constant guessing and checking made Roberts long for a way to see what keywords and ad variations were working best for his competitors, so he took on the massive task of building the software himself.


SpyFu offers a range of tools to help users create compelling keyword lists and ad copy as well as capture missed opportunities by tapping into years of competitors’ AdWords data. As an added benefit, these tools allow users to export desired keywords directly into their own AdWords account. SpyFu also offers SEO tools and reporting software that compares organic search results to competitors, identifying top performance metrics as well as areas for improvement.
The company recently launched a new, white label SEO RECON report that enables customers to hand-pick the keywords used in every detailed SEO domain report, building a value and opportunity picture around their most relevant terms. The report allows SpyFu customers to present a fully-branded document containing only the most relevant data for each of their clients.
SpyFu’s services start at $79 per month, but anyone can try the SpyFu Classic tool for free on the homepage by entering a domain or keyword in the search bar.

More About SpyFu

Founded: 2005
# of Employees: 5-10
Revenues: Undisclosed
Founder: Mike Roberts
Twitter: @spyfu
Phone #: 888-201-0422
Headquarters: 7839 E. Wood Dr. • Scottsdale, AZ 85260 • USA

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