Phoenix-based Bulbstorm Promises Brands a Very Long Engagement

The Bulbstorm team
Any company can increase its Facebook  “Likes” by giving away free stuff or spending thousands of dollars on advertisements, but getting consumers to truly engage with your brand can be a much trickier endeavor—that’s where Bulbstorm comes in.
Based in Phoenix’s Arcadia area, Bulbstorm’s mission is to create a passionate bond between brands and consumers, which it achieves through its own gamification-based social engagement campaign platform. These campaigns promote massive amounts of user generated content, often by creating a contest based on a question like “If you had your own signature shoe, what would you name it and why?” and awarding prizes for the best answers. In some campaigns, smaller giveaways such as digital coupons ensure that everyone is a winner.
Bulbstorm was founded in 2008 by Bart Steiner, whose history of executive, entrepreneurial and consulting success included multiple management positions at Proctor & Gamble before starting several of his own companies. Steiner’s passion for the Bulbstorm concept came from the belief that harnessing consumer ideas is the key to deeper brand engagement.


Bulbstorm’s drag-and-drop campaign builder and content management tools allow brand managers to customize their own social engagement campaigns, moderate content, track prize inventory and more. The finished product is nearly half the cost of a custom built app, and can run on the company’s Facebook page, website or mobile site. Here’s a breakdown of Bulbstorm’s offerings:

  • Launch in two weeks at up to 50% savings vs. custom-built apps
  • Real-time reporting, a drag-and-drop campaign builder, built-in content moderation
  • Prize inventory and management controls
  • Predictable, 100% Facebook compliant technology built on the same foundation as leading technology companies

Bulbstorm recently worked with NBC Sports and the Versus Network to engage cycling fans before the Tour de France. In only 10 days, Bulbstorm launched a fully branded, custom Facebook campaign centered on fan stories about overcoming the odds. The campaign generated more than 22,000 fan interactions as well as a 650% increase in Facebook fans for the Versus Cycling brand page.

More About Bulbstorm

Founded: 2008
# of Employees: 10 – 20
Revenues: Not disclosed – VC backed
Founder: Bart Steiner
Twitter: @bulbstorm
Blog: Bulbstorm Blog
Phone #: (855) 850-8090
Headquarters: 5050 N. 40th Street, Suite 140 • Phoenix, AZ 85018 • USA