GitKraken acquires BigBrassBand, creator of Git Integration for agile project management software Jira

Scottsdale-based GitKraken has announced its acquisition of BigBrassBand, the creator of a Git integration plugin for Jira.

GitKraken’s Git productivity and collaboration solutions are used by more than 2.5 million software developers from 75,000 companies around the world to improve the efficiency and quality of their code. Virginia-based BigBrassBand brings more than 3.6 million users from 10,000 companies, and its Git Integration for Jira is the most popular paid app in the Atlassian Marketplace for integrating Git and Jira DevOps workflows.

This acquisition expands GitKraken’s product offerings and now the company will reach more than 6 million software developers from nearly 100,000 companies. Major clients include global leaders like Intel, Samsung and NASA, among others. 

“The acquisition of Git Integration for Jira enables us to further enhance Git productivity for millions of developers that leverage both Git and Jira,” said Wayne Williams, CEO of GitKraken. “We look forward to continuing to extend and enhance the capabilities of both products.” 

With this announcement, GitKraken now provides some of the most widely adopted developer tools in the world. 

“Developers love GitKraken because it makes Git simpler, faster, and more powerful for their development teams” Williams said.

Git is an open source software designed to track changes in any set of files and is generally used to coordinate work among developers quickly and accurately, and provide support for distributed, non-linear workflows. Jira tracks issues, including bug tracking, and supports agile product management. 

“Teams rely heavily on Git to manage all aspects of software development, and Git Integration for Jira provides visibility, accountability and automation for all stakeholders in Jira, regardless of technical know-how,” according to BigBrassBand CEO Adam Wride.

GitKraken, which was formerly run by AZ Tech Beat’s founder Hamid Shojaee, is a graphical user interface that makes working with Git and Jira easier, while BigBrassBand’s Git Integration for Jira combines Git data and workflows into a Jira team’s project and issue-oriented context. 

GitKraken and BigBrassBand’s Git Integration for Jira will work together, allowing teams using Git and Jira to switch between multiple workspaces while maintaining access to Git repo information and actions.

 “Joining the GitKraken team will allow us to offer even better Git productivity to individual developers while coordinating with teams to accomplish their goals,” said Wride.

GitKraken also plans to further invest and improve both products in order to enable even better Git productivity.