Keap announces new e-commerce capabilities to simplify the headache of running a small business and online store

Keap, a sales and marketing automation platform for small businesses, announced a new strategy to further streamline all the processes required by small businesses to run an e-commerce site. 

The Chandler-based company has launched expanded e-commerce capabilities in its Pro and Max products — the company’s most popular and newest options.

The new capabilities are designed to make all e-commerce tools needed by small businesses available in a single place. These capabilities will also allow small business owners the ability to integrate e-commerce platforms they already use. The company also boasts that its platform will provide intuitive automations and sync directly with Keap’s CRM.

Ultimately, Keap hopes to make it easier for users to save money and reduce the number of tools they use down to one. 

“Small business owners are some of the busiest people on the planet, so we’re constantly focusing on integrating core acquisition, nurture, and sales tools to decrease their costs and headaches,” said Rajesh Bhatia, CTO at Keap.

These new capabilities were developed as a result of feedback from the company’s users, who complained about how time-consuming and expensive it was to maintain and link several different software tools to run online stores. 

“We knew we could simplify this challenge by adding key e-commerce features to our platform, enhancing integrations with Shopify and payment processors and creating even greater value by connecting those to other crucial workflows,” Bhatia said. 

Some of the features of the new Keap e-commerce platform include intuitive checkout forms, a Shopify integration and payment processors directly within the app. It also provides checkout forms that allow for one-click upsells, promo codes and subscription payments. The platform’s Shopify integration triggers automated follow up when a cart is abandoned or a purchase is made. 

Customers are already seeing the benefits of the new features. 

“As an entrepreneur, I used to pay for multiple tools to run my business online and it was not only costly, but also frustrating and inefficient,” said Jade Olivia, Keap customer and small business owner. “Ever since I started using Keap, I only pay for one platform and still get all the functionality I could want — and it’s easy to use, too. Now that new ecommerce capabilities are available, I’m excited to bring in more revenue, all while avoiding the chaos that comes with integrating multiple software solutions.”