and STChealth want to give you easy access to your immunization records

You no longer need to call your doctor for a printed record of your immunization history. Finally.

Arizona companies and STChealth’s partnership, which formed last year, continues with the rollout of MyIR Mobile in Arizona last month. MyIR Mobile is the new and improved version of the MyIR platform, which makes immunization records easily accessible. 

immunization’s chat technology will continue to operate on MyIR Mobile. Known as Athena, the chat technology resolves 95% of questions quickly and without a human agent. 

The new capabilities launched in Arizona on July 1. About 3,000 people signed up to use this platform from STChealth, which is contracted with the state of Arizona and can provide official health records. 


Right now, it’s especially important for people to have access to their records. MyIR Mobile provides a streamlined way to print out full, official immunization records before kids prepare to go back to school. 

Aside from Arizona, MyIR Mobile is currently operating in the District of Columbia, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Dakota, Tennessee, Washington and West Virginia. The platform will launch soon in Puerto Rico.

In Louisiana, the platform works in conjunction with school nurses, which Michelle Bonjour, STChealth’s Director of Consumer Engagement, told AZ Tech Beat “works well.” The company hopes to implement this strategy in other states, including Arizona.

STChealth recognizes that Athena, and’s chat technology overall, helps extend the reach and capabilities of MyIR Mobile.

“With the Covid-19 vaccine rolling out and people hoping to return to their previous lives and activities, immunization records have never been more important than they are now,” said Bonjour in a statement. “Because there are so many people with questions about the vaccine and their immunization records, there’s no way we could have implemented such a program without the help of’s chat technology.”

Rebecca Clyde, co-founder and CEO of, said the company is proud to contribute to STChealth’s mission to help users access important immunization information.

“In 2021, people naturally have a lot of questions about vaccines and their immunization records — too many questions to be answered efficiently by humans,” Clyde said in a statement. “It is only through automated chat technology that we can answer all of the complex questions consumers have right now, and yet our intelligent and conversational chat algorithms enable Athena to interact with people on a very human level.”

The technology and capabilities of MyIR Mobile makes it the perfect platform for tracking vaccinations. Bonjour told AZ Tech Beat that states are contacting STChealth daily to get the platform set up to track Covid-19 vaccination records.