Mosaic to streamline homebuilding in Phoenix where the market is as hot as the temperatures

The housing market in Arizona is on fire as demand for new housing is at record-breaking levels, but Phoenix-based startup Mosaic hopes to help builders keep up.

Mosaic is a construction technology company that uses software as a general contractor to manage construction on behalf of builders, which allows them to build more homes more efficiently.

Mosaic and its building partner Mandalay Homes have constructed more than 315 homes in Jasper in Prescott Valley and Adora at Timber Sky in Flagstaff. Future communities are planned throughout the state.

Over the last year, Mosaic has quadrupled in size to 130 employees, helped by a $14.5 million Series A investment led by major VC firm Andreessen Horowitz.


Mosaic estimates that it has increased throughput in the construction process for its partners by as much as 30%. To do this, the company focuses on improving and standardizing construction processes, not product. Mandalay Homes has reaped the benefits.

“Before partnering with Mosaic, Mandalay had been approaching the limits of what traditional product innovation and existing building materials can do,” said Dave Everson, owner and founder of Mandalay Homes, in a statement. “By improving our control over the construction process and speeding up the framing time, we can add more of this much-needed housing supply without sacrificing quality.”

Locally, Mosaic is working with students at the Luminosity Lab at Arizona State University to meet real-world challenges. Recently, a team created housing plans in 3D and used underlying data to provide rich dashboards for analysis.

Salman Ahmad, the co-founder and CEO of Mosaic, said his company sits at the intersection of his academic pursuits and growing up in Arizona.

“In a thousand years, when people look back to the great traditional buildings of this millennium, we want them to be beautiful and resilient,” Ahmad said in a statement. “We recognize it is an ambitious vision, but we are inspired by and committed to delivering on it every day.”