AZ Tech Podcast Episode 13: Jamie Baxter, Co-founder & CEO, Qwick

Jamie Baxter’s company Qwick was almost a casualty of the pandemic. As an on-demand staffing startup for food and beverage contract employees, the shutdown of the food and beverage industry was nearly a death sentence. But Jamie and his team made some hard decisions, like laying off 60% of their staff and the remaining employees had to take a pay cut. Jamie still gets choked up when he thinks back on that.

But Jamie also got creative. For example, the employees who took the pay cut were given equity in the company.

After a lot of stress and emergency fund raising, Qwick stayed alive. And now, the company is thriving and Jamie even says business has never been better.

If you like a good comeback story, Jamie’s story is a great one. In this episode, Jamie tells Hamid the wild story of how his company survived, why he loves being a pilot and recommends the Valley startups that he’s most excited about.

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