AZ Tech Podcast Episode 6: Gregg Scoresby, Founder & CEO, CampusLogic

Gregg Scoresby wants to be the most active investor in Arizona, but he’d love for someone to give him a run for his money.

Gregg is passionate about the Arizona tech community and hopes to see it continue to grow. But he’s not just on the lookout for the next great Arizona startup. He’s also running a company.

Gregg founded CampusLogic, an edtech startup based Chandler, in 2011 and launched the first product in 2014. He says the beginning was rough — they were frequently out of money. But Gregg’s wife was patient and told him not to give up. Now, CampusLogic is a multimillion dollar student financial success company that’s only become more relevant during the pandemic. He also gets to work with two of his sons.

In this episode, Hamid talks to Gregg about the unpredictable startup journey, working with his kids and the pros and cons of student loan forgiveness.

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