AZ Tech Podcast Episode 5: Mat Sherman, Entrepreneur, Podcaster

Mat Sherman knows how to hustle. And he knows the value of being an “insider,” which he calls anyone building a business in Silicon Valley. Insiders have much easier access to some of the biggest names in tech. 

Mat wants to expand that coveted inner circle of great minds, so he did what so many people do in this modern age. He started a podcast.

In his podcast “Forward Thinking Founders,” Mat interviews new founders all across the country about how they do what they do. He’s been doing it for just over two years and he’s got more than 500 episodes. 

Mat calls himself a “startup guy,” because he’s so passionate about startups, entrepreneurs and what’s going on in Silicon Valley. He founded a couple startups himself and has another idea in the making. 

In this episode, Hamid and Mat discuss things like Mat’s passion, the challenges he’s overcome and the barriers to building a company.

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