Axosoft’s GitKraken launches Enterprise edition

GitKraken, a Git GUI product from Axosoft, has launched its new Enterprise version, which is geared toward companies that need 25 or more licenses. 

This is the latest of GitKraken’s products, which also include individual and pro options.

GitKraken scales very quickly, easily and organically, says Lauren Witte, senior marketing manager at Axosoft. Once it catches on within an organization, she says, it grows like wildfire. 

Axosoft began developing GitKraken in 2014. It was designed to help developers be more productive using git. The company has a free version, an individual version and a pro version to meet the needs of its growing customer base, which now includes more than 2 million developers. 

Witte says that GitKraken Enterprise makes it easier for larger organizations to adopt git across the entire development team. Not only that, but the user onboarding process is much more straightforward.

GitKraken Enterprise makes it easy to add new members to the organization, split team members into departments and organize licenses. It also adds an account manager role, which allows for that person to perform administrative tasks without paying for a license themselves. 

GitKraken Enterprise can be licensed at $99 per user per year.