Chassi hopes to give business leaders a view of their processes from 10,000 feet

Chassi, a SaaS startup based out of Phoenix, has launched their new Orders Center to help business leaders analyze and understand their operations from 10,000 feet up. 

Founded in 2017, the company targets manufacturing, distribution and supply chain organizations who use SAP’s Business One

The Orders Center is designed to help businesses understand what’s going on every second in their quote-to-cash, which is the entire manufacturing process from start to finish. Chassi claims to translate ERP data into real-time updates on who is working on orders, what the problems are and why there are bottlenecks.

So far, Chassi has received good feedback from users. One business leader reported that she has gained more time and relieved some of her stress by using this new product. 

Evie Carpenter, Director of Content Marketing at Chassi, says that the benefits of using Chassi are unmatched.

“What other choice have they had?” says Carpenter. “There’s never been a tool that delivers the visibility, measurability and operational understanding they need. Until Chassi.”