Trainual continues expansion with new VP of Engineering hire

Trainual, a venture-backed SaaS company based in Scottsdale, has hired its first VP of Engineering and is looking to hire 20-25 more employees in 2021 as part of a major expansion plan largely made possible by new Series A funding. 

The new VP of Engineering is Arash Tadayon, who’s already got 10 years of experience behind him and has been in Arizona for several years. Tadayon co-founded two companies here and earned his Ph.D in Computer Science from Arizona State University. Most recently he was VP of Product and Technology at Coplex, an Arizona-based startup incubator. 

Led by 4490 Ventures and MATH Venture Partners, Trainual raised $6.75 million for its Series A round. The announcement was made at the end of 2019 and since then the company continues to grow.

Trainual was developed by Chris Ronzio after he sold his first business — a video production company he started when he was 14 years old. After that sale, Ronzio consulted for 150 companies, improving business operations and efficiency and writing standard operating procedures and training manuals. 

Ronzio initially developed the product that would become Trainual for his consulting clients. But soon, his clients were requesting the product more often than they were requesting his help. The product helped make running a small business easier and more efficient. Trainual simply expanded on that idea. Ronzio says the goal of Trainual is to help “get the business out of your brain.” 

Ronzio founded Trainual in 2018 with a team of five. By the end of 2019, Trainual had 15 employees. Trainual now has 52 employees and will continue to grow in 2021. Ronzio said they plan to hire as many as 25 employees, including several product engineers, in the next 6 months.