Noise canceling, music pumping earphones that shape to your ears – CES 2016

Co-written with Tishin Donkersley
Over-the-ear. On-the-ear. In-the-ear. Which music listening method is ideal for your ears? At CES 2016 we saw some awesome wireless, noise-cancelling, and high-res audio earphones that delivered optimal sound quality at affordable prices.
HUSH ear buds
HUSH ear buds were developed by a 23-year-old college student out of the need to get some sleep and block out snoring roommates and dorm hallway parties. Co-founder Daniel Lee and his team set out to build HUSH, wireless ear buds that blends noise-masking tech with soothing sounds to help users get some Zzz’s.


The ear buds are paired with a smartphone where the user can choose between soothing sounds such as the ocean or rainfall, notification filters so you don’t miss an emergency call, and even a HUSH tracker in case you lose a bud.
The company said the ear buds emit “a fraction of the radiation that normal Bluetooth headsets emit during a single phone call by storing audio files on the earplugs and playing them back locally.” Each set comes with a selection of tips, a storing case that doubles as a charging case. HUSH ear buds are available for $150.00. We caught up with Daniel at 2016 CES ShowStoppers, watch our interview and demo of the product.

Image via KANOA

KANOA earphones
KANOA earphones deliver the best music and athletic experience on the market today. Through dynamic audio technology and audio transparency, KANOA earphones provide seamless wireless listening via any Bluetooth-enabled device. Perfect sound coupled with comfy ear buds that fit nicely inside the ear make these ergonomically-designed earphones the “It” headphones. A feature that sets the KANOA earphone apart is its wireless charging feature, passive noise isolation, and an accompanying mobile app that allows a user to adjust sound preferences and/or integrate music streaming services. Available for pre-order for $149.00.
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decibullz-1Decibullz earphones
Decibullz showcased their custom-molded earphones at CES 2016 that shape to fit in your ears without hurting or falling out. The Decibullz earphones are the first re-moldable earphones on the market that fit to the exact shape of your ear, and they also boast a patented double-seal noise isolation feature for awesome sound quality. They come in 7 different colors and cost only $59.99.
Doppler Labs HEREDoppler Labs HERE
Doppler Labs unveiled the HERE earphones at Pepcom during CES 2016 and we had the chance to test them out. In a crowded ballroom packed full of gadgets and mingling people, the HERE earphones cancelled out most of the surrounding noise and allowed us to control what we were hearing. The HERE earphones feature a sleek, comfortable and wireless design, a 5-band EQ, pre-set filters and layered effects like bass boost, reverb and flange. Join the waitlist for these awesome earphones here.
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