GoDaddy sits on sideline for Super Bowl 50

So long Super Bowl 50, there will be no pumped up Danika Patrick, Jean Claude Van Dam doing the splits in mid-air or a supermodel making out with a geek. GoDaddy, the world’s largest domain registrar, will put their game day commercials on the sidelines- the first time since 2005, according to AdAge.
Elizabeth Driscoll Vice President, Public Relations, GoDaddy said the company is “shifting away from high-level domestic brand awareness to a more personalized, data-driven marketing approach as we expand globally.”
According to CNN Money, the average 30 second Super Bowl 2015 ad space cost $4.5 million.
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Driscoll said the company looks to build their conversations with the small businesses owners “in a more personal and timely way.”
godaddy gwen
CEO GoDaddy Blake Irving has been “hell-bent” on helping small businesses succeed and releasing more products in order to have a one-stop-simple-shop for expanding one’s business online. Recently, the company launched their Customizable Logo Design Service, partnered with SiteLock to introduce a new WordPress plugin with their security services and added more offerings, including Shippo, to their online store.
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Graphics courtesy of GoDaddy