Gadgets for the Guru: New Year Resolution edition

Happy New Year AZ tech community! It’s that time of year when everyone sets a New Year resolution, so the AZTB team wanted to suggest a few awesome tech gadgets to help with your health, fitness and sleep goals.

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Ray by Misfit
Misfit’s newest addition to its line of activity trackers, Ray, is a fitness and sleep tracker that is versatile, comfortable and fashion-forward. Unveiled at CES 2016, the Ray band boasts Misfit’s flagship technology in a new, sleek form factor that looks like a normal bracelet. The tracker itself is a tubular aluminum pod that attaches to a flat rubber or leather band and has a tiny LED light for notifications. The Ray tracks your steps, calories burned, distance, and sleep. Pre-order now starting at $99.99.
healthboxUnder Armor HealthBox
The Under Armor HealthBox Tracking System comes equipped with three new fitness wearables and gadgets; a wristband, a heart rate strap, and the UA scale. The band helps you own your day as it tracks everything from your resting heart rate while you sleep to your heart rate during a rigorous workout. The heart rate strap pairs with the band and determines your heart rate zone at any time of the day. With the accompanying app, you can switch to “rest mode” which informs the HealthBox that you’ll be skipping out on the gym that day. The UA scale tracks weight, measures body fat content and gives an accurate calculation of where the user is at in terms of their fitness goals. HealthBox is available for preorder and ships on January 22, 2016 for $400.00.
garmin vivoaactive
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Garmin vívoactive
The vívoactive by Garmin is a smartwatch for an active individual. vívoactive is an ultra-thin wristwatch with a sunlight-readable, high-resolution color touchscreen and features built-in sports apps, including GPS-enabled biking, running and golfing. The smartwatch pairs seamlessly with your smartphone and notifies you of incoming calls, texts or other alerts. This all-in-one GPS fitness tracker and smartwatch is available now for $219.00.
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Emfit QS sleep tracker
The Emfit QS is a contact-free sleep tracker with Heart-Rate-Variablity that monitors REM, deep and light sleep throughout the night. The app details sleep quality, stress level, and progression of recovery each night as well as compiling 30 day long term trends. Even Olympians are attracted to the Emfit tracker to help monitor their sleep after rigorous workouts. “They [athletes] use it to analyze the effect of exercise after a hard exercise day and they can see how well they recovered during the night,” said Emfit co-founder and CEO Heikki Raisanen. The product is available for a retail price of $299.00.
Beddit’s under-the-bed contactless sensor tracks everything from heart rate to movement to snoring and sleep cycles. Each morning, a user can receive a Beddit SleepScore, showing you how you slept. A score in the green zone means you had a good night’s sleep. The product is also compatible with the Apple watch. Beddit is available online starting at $99.00.


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