Healthcare transportation Veyo hiring 1,200 drivers

Healthcare providers are taking a new approach to getting their patients the care that they need by using technology. Providers are partnering with technology-based transportation companies to drive patients to their medical appointments.
Healthcare logistics company Veyo takes patients to and from their healthcare appointments. The company is hiring 1,200 drivers in the Phoenix area prior to their January 2016 launch.
The company is currently building up its fleet in the Phoenix and Tucson area, according to Veyo spokeswoman Sarah Kuntsal. Veyo said they are currently working with healthcare companies to provide transportation for their clients but were unable to disclose which entities.
“Right now we are filling about 6,000 trips a day, about half of those are being filled with the virtual fleet that we use, and we’re looking to get all of those filled,” Kuntsal said.
The company uses predictive analytics to estimate how many people may need rides that day at what times and staff accordingly.
“These are the kinds of people that are used to this sort of transportation. They’ve been doing it before, usually it’s just been a cab that comes to them. Now we let them know that it’ll be Veyo coming to them,” Kuntsal said.
Passengers only pay for the copay required by their insurance for a ride. Patients with Medicaid or Medicare get transportation to and from the doctor as part of their benefits.
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Since the healthcare space requires a higher level of security, all drivers are background checked, HIPPA certified, drug tested, and CPR certified. Drivers use their own car like other rideshare services and receive a per-mile pay; Veyo does not take out any commission. Drivers can enroll here.
“It’s very much in the same way that Blockbuster has turned into the Netflix industry and the cab industry has turned into the Uber industry,” Kuntsal said. “We’re looking to bring technology and sort of a new way of doing things to [the healthcare] industry.”
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