Painful Pineapples is taking over my life thanks to Wiblits

If you have a few minutes in between meetings and want to test your thumb skills at Pork Torque, where your pig eats more jelly beans than your competitor, head over to the Wiblits app.
Co-founded by two brothers Colin and Adam Turner, Wiblits is a mobile platform for HTML5 mini-games where users can challenge their friends, or general public, to a match in a variety of reaction time to math skills games complete with goofy names like Chicken Tickle, Doppleganger and Spider Shimmy.

Courtesy of Wiblits

Wiblits games are single player where each one lasts between five to twenty seconds and designed for the competitive soul-thus the obsession. The platform currently has 35 games with a range of reaction times, memorization, math skills and infinite runner options.
Colin developed the first prototype of Wiblits at Startup Weekend Chandler in Nov. 2013; the initial design was a mass text message to players with a link to a new game each week where they compete against the masses.
Gamer Profile via Wiblits
Gamer Profile via Wiblits

Since then, Colin took the company another direction and launched Wiblits at Co+Hoots in Fall 2014; his brother Adam and Conrad Kurth (technical co-founder) joined the team later.
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The games are free and the only in-app purchase at this time are hats to add to ones’ profile. In the future, players will be able to earn in-game currency and purchase products from partners.
Home Screen via Wiblits
Home Screen via Wiblits

After each game, if you don’t win, you’ll be greeted with the game champion’s profile icon and victory selfie photo.
While the Wiblits team continue to create new games, they do accept, vet and host games developed from the community.
Home Screen & Gator Games via Wiblits
Home Screen & Greedy Gator Game via Wiblits

With a passion to get kids excited about coding and building games, Colin said they will be releasing a Wiblits developer kit for kids in the near future and hope to host some of their games.
Today, the most popular games are Lollipop, freeze the lollipop at the top of a stick, and Painful Pineapples, tap to fly and avoid pineapples.
Colin's Victory Selfie via Wiblits
Colin’s Victory Selfie via Wiblits

Wiblits is available on iOS devices; they look to release the Android version in early 2016.
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