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The avid tailgater shops and preps all the food the night before, then wakes up early, waits in long lines, hauls heavy equipment, and then has to deconstruct when the game ends. If that sounds like too much work, no worries, one company wants to create the ultimate tailgate party where all you have to do is show up and chill before kickoff.
Co-founders Jennifer LaGrow and former Chief Marketing Officer at McDonald’s Neil Golden recently launched their startup, Tailgater Concierge. The startup serves the avid football fan who love to hang with their friends before game time and provides all the necessary goods to get it done.
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“I’ve been a lifelong college football fan and love hosting tailgates at my alma mater, USC,” LaGrow said. “My passion for sports and tailgating led me to the idea of starting Tailgater Concierge. Tailgater Concierge makes it easier for fans to enjoy their time with friends and family – and not deal with the responsibility of owning, hauling, setting-up, taking-down, cleaning, and storing their own equipment.”
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Tailgater Concierge works closely with each participating university and has designated tailgating spots on each campus. Tailgater Concierge serves 19 universities so far, including ASU, USC, Stanford, Michigan and Northwestern, and plans to add more in the coming years.
Tailgater Concierge offers two packages to accommodate the ultimate tailgater:
tailgater concierge packages
Custom packages are dealt with over the phone and LaGrow ensures that the startup is flexible with add-ons.
Each school gives the company a predetermined spot for their tailgates. At ASU, tailgates are in Lot 9, the band field. One benefit of utilizing the Tailgater Concierge service is early access to the space.
Never sweat a tailgate again!
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  1. I used Tailgater Concierge for my tailgate at the University of Michigan last week and it was outstanding! It was basically like having a tailgate butler. Looking forward to using them again next season. Go Blue!

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