Companies prepare for battle at 1st annual SaaS Ping Pong tournament Oct. 1- video

Bats, blades and backspins will take center stage on October 1. Players from around the Arizona SaaS community will descend upon the Allbound office in the hopes of taking home the win and bragging rights for their company as champion of the 1st annual Arizona SaaS Ping Pong tournament.
Companies have sent their top players packed with their red and blue pip-covered rackets ready to slay the dragon with their smashes and spins. What they leave behind on the blue table is unknown- more importantly the event breeds connections and encourages community.
A few companies are ready for competition and are ready to unload their flips, drop shots and down-the-lines. Check out what some companies had to say to their opponents.


There is still time to sign up and attend, click here.
Photos from the event…

Want to trash talk in Table Tennis form, get to know the terms:
Chop: no Sensei involved, rather it’s a defensive return of a topspin stroke played with backspin well away from the table.
Chopper: a style of play where use of the chop is the primary stroke – secretly known as Bob LaLoggia’s (Appointment Plus) table tennis fighting name.
Countersmash – A smash stroke played in response to a smash stroke from opponent- also known as BOOYAH BACKATCHA!
Float – A stroke played which returns the ball with very little or no spin, or something found in one’s drink
Long pimples (pips) – nothing to do with acne cream, but it’s a type of racket covering. It’s those bumps on the paddle and depending on the length it can determine ones’ spin.
Sandwich rubber – Could be used to describe fast food or another type of racket cover with pips inwards or outwards on top of a layer of sponge with no more than 4mm thickness.
Twiddle – The act of turning the racket in your hand in order to use different sides of the racket to strike the ball – also used by players as psychological warfare.
Best of luck to all players. Stay tuned to AZTB social media for the behind-the-scenes with the players and action coming this Thursday night 10/1
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